Dog Boarding Accommodation starting from $30*



We offer single and shared quarters (which we monitor to make sure everyone is getting along).


Each guest be will be provided with premium dry dog food and raw chicken mince every day. They’ll also receive lots of cuddles, pats and pampering by our staff - they’ll feel like they’re on a holiday of their own!


We have access to 24/7 vet care if anything goes wrong.



BUDDY ROOM DOGS - Arrival 8am to 10:30am, Monday to Saturday ONLY 


Please make sure your dog is on a lead

Remember to email us copy of up to date C5 Vaccination in advance

All dogs must be on tick and flea prevention while in our care. If an animal is not covered we offer Nexgard Chewables available for purchase

Buddy Board dogs should not bring personal belongings (toys, beds etc)



Not all dogs are the same…some like to mingle while others are lone wolves.


Buddy Room Boarding is where dog gets to share a room with a new buddy of similar age, size and temperament. We monitor to make sure everyone is getting along.


Private Rooms are for dogs who loves people but don’t like to mix or are strong breeds like Staffordshires, Bull Terriers, Mastiffs or any other dog that management does not feel would be suitable in a Buddy Board Room.


All dogs are provided with large, clean and flee-free trampoline bed.

Dog Rooms are of solid brick construction and exceed the industry standard in square meterage by more than double. The brick dividing walls ensure both privacy and security of your dog while providing a relaxed holiday environment at our custom built resort.

Rooms have free access to an outside yard through a doggy door during the day.



Playtime on the expansive grassed runs leaves your dog happy and relaxed. Socialization and exercise are important to the overall health of your pet. At Kismet Pet Resort, your dog will enjoy the beautiful Queensland weather with outdoor playtime during their stay.

Dogs are separated for play by size, age and temperament.

Dogs that do not play well with others will enjoy one-on-one playtime with staff.

After Playtime, its nap time for everyone.

Late in the afternoon it’s playtime again, ensuring that everyone gets a good nights sleep in their secure room.



Fresh meals of premium dry dog food and raw chicken mince are prepared fresh every day

Dogs who have special feeding requirements can be catered for at a additional fee.
Please let us know at the time of booking that own food will be need to be given and we will follow your precise instructions. All the meal must be clearly labelled and portioned.



Expect lots of cuddles from us before they leave, and lots of excitment when they see you again

All dogs that stay for more than 2 days get a complimentary hydrobath on day before departure

Make sure you remember your lead 

Remember to take with your dog's medicine and leftover food

When walking back to car please make sure dog stay on lead



Please let us know if your pet requires brushing when making your booking. 


Special Requirements

Inform us of your pet's unique needs when booking
















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